Product Support

 ACO’s Technical Services department offers obligation free advice to ensure the correct product is chosen.

Extensive research and development, both independently and in conjunction with leading academic institutions and research bodies, is the cornerstone of ACO’s success.

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Material Resistance Table


Care and Maintenance

Stainless steel and nitrile rubber are easy to clean. Use our cleaning and maintenance table for advice on which cleaning agent to use for various problems.

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Design and Maintenance

Project planning - design and maintenance tips on pipe selection.

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Material Resistance Table

Hydraulic design of pipe work layouts are vital to their efficient functioning.

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The installation of ACO Pipe® should be in accordance with the recommendations below and with AS/NZ3500.

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Seal Material Data

Socket seals are available in EPDM, FPM and NBR.

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ACO Pipe has a wide range of pipes and accessories. This handy list helps identify what is available for the range of diameters available.

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